Molecule 2ml Discovery Set
Molecule 2ml Discovery Set

Molecule 2ml Discovery Set

  • EM fragrances strike an intriguing balance — one part molecular chemistry and one part creativity. Experience olfactory witchcraft with this Molecule 2ml Discovery Set, a perfect entrance into the weird, wild and wonderful world of Molecules.

    Molecule — a molecule is a molecule is a molecule.

    Pure and singular, the Molecule fragrances are radically minimalist and celebrate the chemical scents that make up the bulk of perfumes in their own right. 

    A must-have for any perfume connoisseur, the Molecule 2ml Discovery Set includes miniature, 2ml versions of all five of our revolutionary single aroma-molecule jusses.

    Molecule 01: Revolutionary Minimalism
    Molecule 02: Mineral Amber 
    Molecule 03: Grassy Roots 
    Molecule 04: Cocooning Radiance 
    Molecule 05: Piney Cashmere 

    All five of our gender-free Molecule fragrances hold a web of multifarious meanings, definitions and sensations that fully unfold only when they settle on the skin of the wearer.

    To discover the Escentric fragrances, purchase our Escentric Discovery Set containing five 2ml sample-size bottles of contemporary riffs on our all-star aroma-molecules.

  • M01: Alcohol denat, Parfum (fragrance), Aqua (water)

    M02: Alcohol denat, Parfum (fragrance), Aqua (water)

    M03: Alcohol denat, Parfum (fragrance), Aqua (water)

    M04: Alcohol denat, Parfum (fragrance), Aqua (water)

    M05: Alcohol denat, Parfum (fragrance), Aqua (water)

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