Molecule 03
Molecule 03
Molecule 03
Molecule 03
Molecule 03

Molecule 03

  • Molecule 03 consists of Vetiveryl Acetate, pure and singular.

    Vetiveryl Acetate could be described as a hybrid molecule, half-synthetic, half-natural. It is a fraction of vetiver oil distilled from the roots of an Indian grass, which is then 'crossed' with acetic and acid to remove the bitter and leathery aspects of the root.

    In India, vetiver essential was an ingredient of ancient perfume and was referred to as 'the oil of tranquillity'. Vetiver is known to reduce anxiety and promote mental clarity through the comforting and venturing powers of its aura.

    For Molecule 03, Geza put a modernist spin on Vetiveryl Acetate, the refined vetiver note celebrated for its earthy-smokey facets and rich, enveloping nature. Think of uncut grass on a warm day, or envisage a forest muddled with warm balsamic undertones, and you'll have an idea of what vetiver smells like.

    "Acetylation brings out the grapefruit touch in vetiver, giving a more pronounced bitter-fresh top note," says Geza Schoen.

    The result is an elegant and refined molecule with vetiver's woody, slightly grassy character, but far smoother and softer.

    Please note: We have performed a general modernisation of the packaging introducing our new branding elements and logo. We wanted to retain our trademark design but remix the existing branding in a contemporary way, so there is consistency across the collective line of fragrances. 

  • The Molecule 03 fragrance is radically minimalist. It contains no odorants except the aroma-molecule, Vetiveryl Acetate. Those customers who find the Molecule fragrances too subtle may wish to try the Escentric fragrances, which will always have a more powerful diffusion.

  • Alcohol denat, Parfum (fragrance), Aqua (water)

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