How do trends come about in perfumery?

How do trends come about in perfumery?

Geza Schoen reveals how new aroma chemicals come into existence.

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For the ninth episode of our Molecast series, founder and perfumer Geza Schoen sits down with Susan Irvine to chart the anatomy of perfume trends.

Fashion is very strongly linked, in the public consciousness, to fragrances. What celebrities are wearing or what goes down the catwalk must have an impact on trends. How do trends come about in perfumery? Is fashion that important in fragrance, or is it something else?

"We don't like trends at Escentric Molecules. We have a very clear concept of what we follow."

In this episode, Geza discusses the synthetic revolution in the world of perfumery and the rules that guide the creation of new scents. Perfumery today has become much more chemical, and synthetics really began the explosion of creativity because it hugely expanded the palette. But, after 100 years of chemists going mad to find new synthetics, are there many left to be discovered?